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The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

We are back with the iconic #SerduszkoNFT campaign! Did you know that starting today you can support the 32nd Grand Finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity through digital Hearts?

Yes - you heard right! You can help heal the lungs after a pandemic right now by choosing #NFT color tokens! Help in a modern way! You can choose from up to 10 NFT Hearts in various designs and NFT Collector Hearts up for auction!

That's not all - There are special prizes for NFT token holders!
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How to identify
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NFT Collections
NFT Collections
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Cryptocurrencies vs. NFTs
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Revolution in the Digital World – NFT
Revolution in the Digital World – NFT
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Frequently asked

Influ is a platform for trading NFT digital collections. Our primary goal is to create an environment where brands can communicate and establish relationships with fans through NFTs. We provide artists, brands, and organizations with tools to transform their creative ideas into unique NFT token collections. Meanwhile, fans and brand audiences can easily and quickly purchase their favorite NFTs from our platform.

Absolutely! Everyone can register, browse, and purchase NFTs. Purchases exceeding EUR 10,000 require a verification process (KYC - Know Your Customer procedures). Such a practice arises from legal regulations aimed at preventing money laundering (AML - Anti-Money Laundering).

We invite you to visit our 'Newsroom' section, where you will find interesting articles and guides about blockchain technology and the process of creating and acquiring NFT tokens.

We invite you to visit the 'For Business' section, where you will find our service offerings and B2B collaboration guidelines.

Minting is one of the stages of creating NFTs. Through this process, files corresponding to digital assets are stored in a decentralized database (blockchain) and cannot be edited.

Currently, we use Polygon, a blockchain that is environmentally friendly and does not generate carbon dioxide emissions.

No, currently, all blockchains supporting smart contracts, including NFTs (such as Ethereum or Polygon), have transitioned to eco-friendly technologies. This means they no longer require energy-intensive computations to maintain the network. After transitioning from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake in 2022, the carbon footprint was reduced by 99.95%.

Yes, NFTs (non-fungible token) are legal in Poland. NFTs are used to represent unique digital items or unique rights to such items.

NFTs are not covered by specific legal regulations. Therefore, when selling or buying NFTs, one must comply with general legal provisions concerning the trading of goods and services, as well as regulations regarding personal data protection and online transaction security.

You are buying a digital record on the blockchain confirming the authenticity and ownership of a particular item.

No. Even though both NFTs and cryptocurrencies share a common history and are based on the same technology (blockchain), they represent entirely different kinds of digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are fungible (like money), meaning every bitcoin has the same value as another bitcoin and can be exchanged freely. In contrast, the essence of NFTs is their uniqueness, singularity, and the impossibility of replacing them with another item or value.

In practice, an NFT is just your own unique string of zeros and ones, confirmed by an authenticity certificate. It can be compared to a Social Security Number - there are no two that are identical.

Although many token exchanges (so-called 'marketplaces') base their operations on cryptocurrencies, purchasing NFTs is also possible without using them. On the platform you can make purchases in Polish zloty, euros, or dollars.

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a global standard. It is a digital object linked to the blockchain - a technology that guarantees transparency and public accessibility of all transactions made through it.

Currently, NFTs are the only medium used to record the digital value of items and the reality surrounding us in general. Like every new medium, NFTs are also used for various purposes by individuals, companies, and institutions that are looking for innovative ways to apply this technology.

The immense interest in NFTs over the past two years and thousands of projects using tokens naturally resulted in a wide range of quality in the resulting content and phenomena. Some of them presented no lasting value and therefore have already been verified by the market.

  1. Protects against fraud, as every collection added to the Influ platform undergoes a verification process.
  2. Tokenization compliant with Polish legal regulations and local rules.
  3. Easy purchase of NFTs in traditional currencies PLN / EUR / USD, without the need to own cryptocurrencies.
  4. Use of the environmentally-friendly Polygon blockchain.
  5. The platform is designed in a clear and intuitive manner for users.
  6. An individual approach to each collection and its creators.

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